Join us for the monthly MIT Club - Motivate Inspire Transform Your Life.

The MIT Club was created for all levels of entrepreneurs… and those who are ready to make the jump to be one. This is our entry level of membership and a great way to have ongoing access to Glen and Ben and their teachings at a very affordable rate. You’ll enjoy monthly group phone calls with Glen and Ben highlighting motivating, inspirating and transforming topics designed to move your life and business forward. Online digital audio recordings of each call are included as well. Membership in the MIT Club is only $9.97 per month.  Learn more and join today to be on Glen and Ben’s very next call.


So You are interested in more!  Well then maybe the MIT Gold Club is for You! As a member you will enjoy all of the benefits of the MIT Club plus 3 additional benefits that are worth their weight in GOLD!

I know its corny but its true - and here they are.

  1. Mentorship - many of you are out there working your plan and making great progress.  Some want more they want it faster.  Mentorship is the key - find a recipe and follow it is a whole lot easier and faster than baking a cake without a plan, or making up your own.
  2. Motivation - we all have our moments of glory, those take care of themselves.  Its the moments when we are knocked down or resisted that we need motivation.  We need someone to come along side and encourage us to go further and dig deeper than we thought we could.  To discover our strength through the adversity.
  3. Measurement - you can call it accountability too.  You know you need to make so many contacts everyday, you know you need to complete steps along the way to achieve your dreams and goals.  You miss one day then another, before long you let the plan slip and when its discovered you have to restart.  This costs you time, energy and power.  The MIT GOLD CLUB is the answer.

Indeed Mentorship - Motivation and Measurement will move you forward faster, with more power and more joy.  That is what the GOLD Club is all about.  You will get 11 exclusive GOLD CLUB calls per year.  Only Gold Members will have access to these calls.  We will discuss timely ways to move you forward in the areas of Mentorship, Motivation and Measurement.

Additionally, you will get 1 ticket to our Summer Symposium in Sarasota, FL.  This amazing event will be a check up to make sure you are on track to achieve what you set out to accomplish in 2010.  It will cover Mentorship, Motivation, and Measurement and ensure you stay on track for the balance of 2010.

The Gold Club is easily worth $500 a month, half of either Glen or Ben’s monthly coaching rate.  Yet in order to help as many people achieve their dreams in 2010 we want to make the program AMAZING and affordable.  It’s only $97 a month.  Become a GOLD CLUB Member Today! CLICK HERE To Register!

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